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Xrayhorse Music – 11th February

We take our residency night at harley very seriously indeed, well very seriously in the sense we try to consistently book bands and artists we think are producing forward thinking and passionate music (local and national), not seriously as in we cant laugh at our frequently dubious disc jockey skills and  and second rate stage mgmt. Anyway this isnt an AA meeting,… the Harley has a been a shining light in the Sheffield independent DIY music scene for many years and we are very proud to be continually invovled.

Our residencey show in February is no different and we have a great lineup of talented, boundry pushing bands for your enjoyment.



Zxodiac (DJ set)
Xrayhorse DJs


11th Feb @ Harley | £4 | 8-4am.



We love this band. Sheffield based Fallen Trees, featuring Paul Littlewood (vocals and guitar); Glenn Moss (analogue synthesiser) , Dave Timmons (drums) and a mystical fourth member , are an unorthodox live set up, but they produce gut wrentching, beautiful and strange hard-blues music.  Self titled album  tracks ‘Numbers’ and ‘Too Young’ have received airplay on a number of radio stations and we’ve been eagerly trying to get them back on our stage since they co-headlined our Tramlines Stage at the Forum at detroyed the place. Fallen Trees are set for another leap forward in 2012, and we cannot wait to follow.


The Neat  are on many peoples “Ones To Watch Lists” for 2012. Their talented mix of post-punk and rock influences has caught the attention of the mainstream audience and press in a way that no band to come out of Hull has done in AAAAGES. The band also recently won a download poll and claimed a spot at the coveted Artrocker New blood Festival, and will now take the stage at the at The Hoxton Square Bar & Grill  playing alongside Artery and Cold In Berlin.

The sound of The Neat is punk evolved. As country divides into throbbing zeitgeist and postpunk reactionaries, their sounds blows directly and refreshling straight down the throats of us all. They are unafraid of crediting the obvious Fall,  Clash, and Fire Engines influences as they spit Mark E.sque venom onto screeching guitars and thrust themselves forward,  face first and snarling: utterly compelling. Witness live for maximum effect.


A local (and legendary, I might add) band from Sheffield, The Hope Explosion mix a mean cocktail of prog (but never too meandering), some blues and a true, honest passion for 90s alternative rock (back when a distortion was a pedal, not a plug in).

Counting influences a varied as Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith and Mad Season, these trio give it all onstage and hopefully will let their optimistic rock go full tilt boogie this year out.

Here’s a massive track, enjoy.


Proper Dogs are a very exciing new(ish) rock ‘n’ roll outfit from the Wakefield area with strong leanings towards blues, psychedelia, punk, and 60s sounds.


First on are The Superlatives providing that sheffield punk-indie sound, but its not like all the others its got an edge, dirty and rocky.



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