Merry bloody christmas. Anyway, that’s over and done with and the icicles on our eyelids are finally starting to melt. We have a bumper packed new year feast for you in Jan as we welcome the almighty THE GENTLEMEN to xrayhorse supported by the excellent WE//ARE//ANIMAL the fearsome FALLEN  TREES and the savage THE LITTLE FIENDS.

Sheffield’s own The Gentlemen have been tweaking out audiences for a few years now, bringing to the boil funk soaked rhythms alongside skin-tight percussion and tech 9  lyrics. We had on them on in summer 2010 at the legendary Tramlines festival , and they will once again grace our aural landscape this month.

In support we have a savage band from Wales called We//Are//Animal. A great new band on a whirlwind tour around the UK and the wide blue European yonder. Bold and beautiful.

Fallen Trees are Sheffield own 2011 secret, receiving great reviews from all un sundry they are definitely one of the most exciting new bands around. Up hill and down dale. – Not to be missed.

The Little Fiends are growing in reputation, a brilliantly strange band with a changing sound, they’re a new project and going by the depth they show in early tracks their controls are set for the heart of the sun.

The lovely HARLEY BAR in Sheff will host the burden. And as always Matt Von Bad and the Xray Residents will be spinning the wheels of steel well in to the early morn, joining the dots between upfront glam, classic tight indie and heavy synth techno.

Tickets are a measly £3 adv. get them here.

Event here.

And remember to join the xrayhorse group, so as to up to date and sh7t.

See you on the floor.