Bands that have played at xray

The Sea
The Dead Delta
Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles
Inner State Circus
The Violet May
Party Horse
The Swing Movement
Goodnight Lenin
Riding Giants
Paper Tiger
La Folie (Acoustic set)
Machine Guns and Leather Jackets
Silent Film Project
The Heebie Jeebies
Roman Android
Nephu Huzzband
Elephant Keys
Seize the Chair
The Strange Things
Black Cat White Cat
These Monsters
The Gentlemen
Alvarez kings
Hey Sholay
La Folie (full set)
Young Bloods
Buffalo Bones
Wot Gorilla?
Death Rays of Ardilla
The Book Club
Crushing Blows
The Velotones

Limited edition first xray compilation cd

  Equestrian Radiography and Sonic dismemberment

£5 – Featuring tracks from:

  1. Team Modelista
  2. Party Horse
  3. The Dead Delta
  4. Youves
  5. Inner State Circus
  6. The Tantrums
  7. The Gypos
  8. Riding Giants
  9. The Neutrinos
  10. The Swing Movement

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